The Most Expensive Vintage Cars

A top 3 of auctioned classic cars that are worth even more than brand new ones!

$27,500,0003. Ferrari 275 GTB/4*S N.A.R.T. Spider (1967)

A special edition of the Ferrari 275 sold for $27.5 million USD at an auction in Monterey, California on 17 August 2013. Some features make this car extra special, like having only a single owner before sale and being only one out of 10 N.A.R.T. Spiders ever build. During the late 60s, American Ferrari dealer, Luigi Chinetti asked Enzo Ferrari to build a couple of convertible versions of the 275 GTB/4, Enzo Ferrari agreed and thus one of the most exclusive Ferrari's of all time was born.

$29,607,7602. Mercedes-Benz W196R (1954)

Mercedes drove during the 1954 and 1955 Formula 1 seasons with the monster of a car, and won about anything there was to win. During a Bonhams auction at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 12 July 2013 a car was sold for nearly $30 million USD, the car in question was driven by the legendary 5-time F1 champion Juan Manuel Fangio, he raced the cassis to victory during the German and Swiss Grand Prix of 1954 on his way to yet another world title.

$38,115,0001. Ferrari 250 GTO (1962)

On 14 August 2014 a new world record for most expensive car was set when a very rare 1962 Ferrari changed hands at a Bonhams auction. The car was bought by Italian Ferrari enthusiast Fabrizio Violati in 1965 for 2.5 million Lira, back then around $4,000, equating to around $33,500 today. The original owner was famous French racer Jo Schlesser. A unqiue car with a good history always trades well, but this price was pretty exceptional!

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