The Most Expensive Pistols

The most expensive handguns, weapons with history.

$350,0003. Smith & Wesson Model 3 that Killed Jesse James

American outlaw Jesse James was shot and killed on 3 April 1882 in the back of his head by Robert Ford, a member of his own gang. Ford used the Smith & Wesson Model 3, the Russian model. The gun with serial number 3766 was produced in 1875 and was actually first owned by Jesse James, but then given to Ford. Smith & Wesson later engraved the gun with the text: "BOB FORD KILLED JESSE JAMES WITH THIS REVOLVER AT ST. JOSEPH. MP. 1882". The gun was auctioned off in England in 1993 and fetched $160,000. Ten years later, the gun was up for auction again at Little John's Antique Arms and sold for $350,000. Note: The gun on the photo is not the actual gun, but it is the same model.

$1,687,5002. Flintlock Pistols owned by Simón Bolívar

The pistols were made by Nicolas Noël Boutet, a French gunsmith. The former owner is Simón Bolívar, a military leader who helped large parts of South America become independent from the Spanish Empire in the early 1800s. These .47 caliber pistols came with a casing and accessories in great condition and were sold at Christie's in November 2004.

$1,986,0001. Pistols owned by George Washington

The two pistols were given to George Washington by the French Marquis de Lafayette during the American Revolution. They are probably some of the most iconic firearms in American history. After meeting in 1777, Washington and the Marquis quickly became good friends, the Marquis played a key role in the revolution due to his support for Washington's cause. The guns are Damascus steel-mounted saddle pistols with a silver and gold wire inlay and come with a detailed description and documentation. They were sold at Christie's in New York on 19 January 2002 to the Richard King Mellon Foundation for nearly $2 million USD.

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