The Most Expensive Music Videos

Production costs of music videos, a list dominated by Michael Jackson and Madonna.

$4,000,0005. Michael Jackson - Black or White (1991)

Probably one of the most famous movie clip intros of all time! The video starts off with Macaulay Culkin as 11-year old kid, dancing to rock music as his angry dad (George Wendt from Cheers) comes up the stairs to order his son to keep it down and go to bed. The boy doesn't take that very well, sets up two speakers in the livingroom, plugs in his guitar and starts rocking. The windows blow out of the house and his father is launched with his chair through the roof, landing somewhere in Africa, seeing the beginning of Jackson's performance. During the rest of the video we travel all over the world, seeing Michael Jackson perform in the old America, India, Russia and more.

$5,000,0004. Madonna - Bedtime Story (1995)

This dreamy Madonna video clip was directed by Mark Romanek (just as Michael Jackson's Scream) accompanying the song Bedtime Story, from the album Bedtime Stories. The video shows a lot of digital effects a surrealistic images, definitely a must see!

$5,000,0003. Madonna - Express Yourself (1989)

The second single from the album "Like a Prayer", was this hit song. The video clip was inspired by the classic film Metropolis (1927) and shows Madonna as a glamorous masochist, picking one of her well trained workers for a date. The video was an MTV exclusive for three weeks, airing every hour.

$6,100,0002. Madonna - Die Another Day (2002)

"Die Another Day" was recorded as the theme song from the James Bond film. The video shows Madonna in what could very well be part of a James Bond movie. It's starts out with Madonna in a torture chamber, from which she eventually escapes of course. In an alternate scene we are shown a black and white Madonna fighting it out. Just watch!

$7,000,0001. Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson - Scream (1995)

Michael Jackson and sister Janet Jackson top this list with a surreal space themed video for the 1995 song Scream. The clip was directed by Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo, Never Let Me Go) who's fame comes mainly from the enormous list of music videos he's worked on.

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