The Most Expensive Insects

The most expensive insect in the world.

$89,0002. Stag Beetle

The Stag beetle is a beautiful create, male stag beetles are known for their incredibly large jaws, which look like the antlers of a deer. Male Stag Beetles tend to fight each other, so like spider fighting and cock fighting, Stag beetle fighting is popular in some parts of the world like Japan. Mostly therefor, in some countries they are considered a collectors "item" and sold for very high prices, one case is known of a particularly long Stag Beetle that was sold for $89,000 by a Japanese breeder at insect store Waku Waku Land.

$195,0001. Morpho Aurora with 5 wings

The Morpho Aurora is a beautiful but quite small butterfly. Antennae Inc, a insects collector and seller once found and sold a male 5-winged Morpho Aurora. This freak of nature was found in Guyana and the preserved butterfly sold for a whopping $195,000.

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