The Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

The most luxury hotel rooms, penthouse suites that make even the richest people drool.

$17,318/night3. Maharajah's Pavilion, The Raj Palace, Jaipur, India

The price of this presidential suite with four floors is easy to understand if you see what you'll get for this price. This former palace is transformed in a hotel with a large history. The apartment has it's own private entrance including a private elevator that connects all floors. The suite has 4 bedrooms and spans 16.000 square feet. The lobby is at the first floor, this includes a luggage storage area and a lounge bar to welcome your guests. On the second floor there is a reception room and vaulted apartment rooms. The suite has a private museum displaying the old throne and bolsters of The Thakut Shabib (the king). On the third floor you can find a library, dining room and kitchen. The fourth floor is for pleasure and has a roof top terrace with a jacuzzi. The floor also includes a swimming pool, private bar, study area, dining area and private space. There's a bedroom on the top floor laid with rich ivory and gold furniture.

$41,000/night2. Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel, New York

This room is named after Ty Warner, the owner of the Four Seasons Hotel, and took 7 years (and $50 million USD) to create. Only 3 people can stay in the suite and there's only 1 bedroom. The suite offers a 360° view at the city from the 51st floor of the hotel. The room offers a beautiful design and offers a library, spa, living room and bedroom that all surround the main room. A terrace is offered at every side of the building. A reservation includes a 24-hour butler serve, Rolls-Royce chauffeur, art concierge and a personal trainer.

$65,000/night1. Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

This 1800m2hotel suite offers the guests 12 luxury rooms, 12 marble bathrooms and a private terrace with a panoramic view at Lake Geneva and the mountains in the background. The rooms are beautifully decorated and there are 4 flat screen TV's of 103 inch present. Also included are a Steinway piano, billiards table and a private work-out room. The windows are made from bulletproof glass and the suite has a private lift that takes quests straight from the lobby to the room. The suite is located at the 8th (and top) floor of the Hotel President Wilson.

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