The Most Expensive Horses

The most expensive dressage horse and racing horses ever sold.

$13,100,0005. Seattle Dancer

Seattle Dancer was sold in 1985 for the record breaking amount of $13.1 million USD at the Keeneland yearling auction, meaning he was only 1 year old at the time of the sale. The stallion's dam (mother) was none other than My Charmer, an outstanding broodmare. After the sale, Seattle Dancer was brought to the Ballydoyle Stable in Ireland, when he was two years old, a virus swept through the stables that kept him out of racing. In 1987 did start racing again and won some races as well, still earning only a fraction of the price he had cost. He died of a heart attack at age 23 in 2007.

$15,000,0004. Totilas

This Dutch Warmblood stallion is the only horse in this list that's not a racing horse. Totilas is a dressage horse with an unbelievable career having won many prizes and holding the world record for highest dressage score. Initially in Dutch hands, the horse was sold in 2010 to sport horse breeder Paul Schockemöhle for an undisclosed amount. Rumors have circulated this could be up to €15 million. The news was quite a shock to the Dutch national team and shattered there hopes for Olympic success since the horse was now in the hands of their closest competitor, Germany. After the sale, the public opinion was that the horse didn't show the same level as it achieved with it's former owners. Further controversy arose when PETA filed a complaint against the owners, alleging that Totilas was being abused.

$16,000,0003. The Green Monkey

This American thoroughbred stallion that was bought by Demi O'Byrne of the international breeding organization Coolmore for $16 million USD in January 2006. O'Byrne won the bid after an intense bidding war with representatives of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. His sire (father) and grandfather were both prizewinning racehorses but The Green Monkey turned out to be a flop and never won a race. Fortunately Coolmore didn't waste their money completely since his daughter Kinz Funky Monkey turned out to be quite quick and was a winner in some races.

$40,000,0002. Shareef Dancer

This thorougbred stallion was bought by Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 1981 for $3.3 million USD. After a short but successful career with 5 races and 3 wins, he was sold again for $40 million USD and became a successful sire. This price is especially remarkable since it happened in 1983. In 1999, at 19 years old, Shareef Dancer broke a leg and had to be put down.

$60,000,0001. Fusaichi Pegasus

This stallion was sold as a yearling for $4 million USD to a Japanese owner. After winning the Kentucky Derby in 2000 and winning several more important races, the horse was sold to Coolmore for a reported price of $60 million USD. While winning "only" $2 million USD in prize money during his career, his offspring turned out to be successful as well as he became a sire of over 60 Stakes winners worldwide.

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