The Most Expensive Homes

Some of the most expensive mansions, apartments and villas from around the world.

$57,000,0003. Updown Court in Windlesham, England

Updown Court is build in a Californian style and includes 230,000m2 of gardens and mature woodland. The estate is entered by a heated marble driveway. Of the 103 rooms, 24 rooms are bedrooms, which each it's own bathroom. There's enough entertainment to be found as well, among the features are a bowling alley, five swimming pools, a squash court, a floodlit tennis court, a winecellar and a panice room. There's also an underground garage with enough room to park eight cars and a 50 seat cinema.
The original mansion was build in 1924, counting only 16 rooms. During the great storm of 16 October 1987, the property had been destroyed completely by fire. During the late 90s a new mansion was build in it's place. In January 2003, the propery was sold for £13 million before even being fully completed. It took until 2005 to finish the building and it was immediately put up for sale. The initial asking price was £70,000,000 (around $138,000,000 at that time), but when it still wasn't sold by June 2011, the price was gradually lowered until it was sold for £35,000,000 (around $57,000,000 at that time) in October 2011.

$398,000,0002. Penthouse of the Tour Odéon in Monaco

The Odéon tower in Monaco is still under construction, but the first (rendered) images of the penthouse suite are pretty amazing. Spanning 5 floors, this 35,300m2 apartment gives you 5 bedrooms, a beautiful round pool with a water slide and a price that will make you jump through the roof!
Construction started in 2009 and is the first people should be able to move in to their new homes at the end of 2014. The current price is estimated at around $400 million dollars, but may go up even further. The beautiful penthouse apartment is said to be completed in September 2015, this means you still have time to save some cash so you can afford it!
The video above gives an impression of the building, how it should look when finished. It remains to be seen if there's any interest in the apartment, while it sure looks amazing, the price tag may prove to be a little too hefty.

$1,000,000,0001. Antilia building in Mumbai, India

The controversial Antilia building is owned by Indian business magnate and billionaire Mukesh Ambani. The construction started in 2002 and was completed in 2010. From a distance it may look like an office building, but it is in fact a (single) house. While the building cost was officially $50-70 million, the value is estimated at over $1 billion USD due to the rising cost of surrounding structures and land prices.
There's been a lot of critique on the building itself and it's owner. The land was previously owned by an orphanage, which tried to sell the land allocated for the purpose of education of underprivileged children. The deal fell through due to opposition of the religious Waqf board. In turn the Waqf board sold the land to the Antilia Commercial Pvt Ltd at a bargain price. Years later, the Allahabad government claimed the Waqf board had no right to sell the land. Further critique came from environmental organizations, due to the fact there are no helicopter landing places allowed in downtown Mumbai, the Antilia building has 3 helipads.

Still the Antilia building – named after a mythical island in the Atlantic – remains probably the most expensive home through history. The 27-story, 400,000-square-foot home includes a 6-story parking garage below the ground and reportedly has a staff of 600 people just for maintenance.

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