The Most Expensive Football Transfers

The highest transfer fees for football players.

$99,000,0005. Ángel Di María

Ángel Di María is the player with the highest transfer fee for a non-Spanish team when he actually moved away from Spain with his transfer from Real Madrid to Manchester United on 26 August 2014. The Red Devils of new coach Louis van Gaal paid €75 million for the services of the Argentinian winger.

$107,000,0004. James Rodríguez

After an impressive 2014 World Cup performance , Colombian James Rodríguez was transferred from AS Monaco to Real Madrid for €79.5 million. Rodríguez is an attacking midfielder known for his great technique, vision and for being a real play maker.

$111,000,0003. Luis Suárez

Controversial Uruguayan footballer Luis Suárez became the highest priced transferring player in 2014 with a price of €81 million when he moved from Liverpool to FC Barcelona. This came after a suspension he received after biting Italian player Giorgio Chiellini in the shoulder at the 2014 World Cup. While Suárez is widely regarded as an amazing footballer, he's also known for biting other players (3 so far) and using his hand to stop a goal during the quarter final of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which subsequently helped Uruguay win the match after the penalty given to opponent Ghana was missed.

$113,000,0002. Christiano Ronaldo

On 1 July 2009 Christiano Ronaldo joined Real Madrid for a 6 year contract when he left Manchaster United, at €94.4 million this was the highest transfer fee at that time, he has a buyout clause of €1 billion. Ronaldo was welcomed by over 80,000 fans during his presentation at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid. Real proved they made the right choice after Ronaldo became an import member of it's team and together with Gonzalo Higuaín he scored 53 league goals.

$132,000,0001. Gareth Bale

At 24 years of age, Welsh footballer Gareth Bale became the first player with a reported transfer fee in the €100 million range when he transferred from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid in 2013. Bale signed a 6 year to play for Los Blancos. During his first season he played a major role in the team's season by scoring in the final of the Copa del Rey and Champions League, which they both won.

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